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Why are there so many amazing and interesting things to read and write and watch? And so many people I want to talk to?

Don’t you people know I have to work?

i don’t know how anyone is every bored. Restless, i get. But there is SO MUCH of things in the world.

The world is so full of a number of things,

I’m sure we should all be as happy as kings.”

perforatedsanity replied to your post “No love for Jody?”

Jody is awesome. We need more Jody. I pray they keep her on as a semi-regular, to fill the void left by having no one with an outside perspective. The boys NEED someone to tell them the truth, they don’t have that anymore.

I couldn’t agree more. Without somebody around them to smack them upside the head and tell them they are idiots, they have no checks on what they do. What authority do they Wincesters answer? When you’ve already told off God and Lucifer both, to whose authority would you bow?

Obviously the answer is no-one’s.

And as for ‘keeping each other human’, that’s not working so well for Dean right now. Sam isn’t doing a great job of (metaphorically) shaking him by the shoulders and saying, bro, WTF? But we know he’s not really much more capable of verbalizing his feelings than Dean is. Actually, I’ve long felt that Dean is actually BETTER at it. I keep meaning to write about, but in the first few season, at least, we see Dean reaching out to various people (usually older men - Gordon, Frank) and telling them fairly articulately what he’s feeling/thinking.

He tells Sam more - I’m tired, this life, it’s killing me, etc - and is often the first to reach out and try to mend the broken bridges. 

That’s just his role. He was obviously the connection and translator between John and Sam, so he needed to be able to discern what someone else was thinking/feeling and put it such as way as the other person would be able to hear it without reacting overly emotionally.

But I digress. :)

Jody is awesome and the boys need her. Esp Sam. Sam needs a friend and she could be that.

I don’t know who is going to reach Dean anymore. I kind of hope it’s Crowley.

    For you, I would set the world on fire.
— Supernatural, a nine-word story.

Imagine dark!Dean and souless!Sam fucking


You’re welcome.


I’d like to thank not only god but also jesus for the women in that episode.

Maybe we should add Mary to that list of thanks, too.

In the spirit of the whole women-power thing.


I’m so disappointed they didn’t make the spin off about Jody and Alex/Annie. All I want is them living a normal life doing mother daughter things together and Jody still does hunts when they fall into her area but now she calls Alex for information about the monsters because during Alex’s time with the vampires she learned everything about the supernatural. And after a while they have all of these female hunter contacts who call/use them like Bobby.

Anonymous: Please tell me I heard this wrong, but did Dean just become a bigger dick by telling Sam that he wouldn't have done the same thing? 












Some people heard ‘you wouldn’t have done the same’ and some heard ‘you woulda done the same’ because Jensen was slurring his words and likely poor audio quality. We’re waiting to see what the closed-captioning says when the CW posts the episode online.

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeah I legit heard “You woulda done the same for me” and I think if he hadn’t said that Sam would have reacted differently????

I definately heard “wouldn’t”, three times now, and I tried hearing “woulda”, and couldn’t.

He said “I know, I know, you wouldn’t have (wouldn’a as I heard it) done the same.” Definitely a dig at what Sam said about the whole Gadreel thing.

I guess it was the MoC loosening his tongue, amplifying his thoughts and feelings and stuff.

And I bet Sam didn’t comment on what Dean said, because obviously Jody was more important than starting a fight about this now. It’s not like this discussion is anything new between them.

No but later he DOES have a heart to heart with him about liking the killing too much and I feel like if he did that he’d also be like “DUDE, also wtf was up with saying ‘WOULDN’T’ when CLEARLY you should have said ‘WOULDA’ …” 

ya know?

I don’t think he’d have brought it up later with him, actually.  I think Sam said what he needed to say and if that’s how Dean wants to take it Sam knows better than to think he’s going to change Dean’s mind.  I think he’s not going to engage when Dean’s looking to pick a fight, you know?

I’m going to talk about boundaries for a second, because I have been through this myself, and can offer a bit of insight. When you put up boundaries with people that have harmed you or people you have to protect yourself from, you can’t let the person you are protecting yourself from guilt you.

You just can not.

Sam’s whole battle would have been lost, if Sam would have addressed the comment Dean made.

Sam brought up the right topic, it addressed Dean’s questionable behavior, it made Dean aware that Sam is watching out for him, and watching out for him, and that is all Sam could have done.

Sam’s dedication to his boundaries, but still being a good partner, is something I admire him for and wish I could have employed when I needed boundaries set.  

I’m sorry but the part I can’t get is, let’s say Dean did said “wouldn’t” and how does that make him a “bigger dick”?????

I don’t think Dean is a dick first of all. He is why I watch the show and probably my favorite character on tv right now, however Dean was poking the hornets nest last night.

I am not sure if he was trying to provoke a fight or he if he was finally showing some real emotions that weren’t snark over what Sam had said to him in the past, but the fact that Sam didn’t take either of the baits is really good for Sam. 

Sam is doing great with sticking to his guns, and if he decides in the future that he has to compromise with himself, and change his boundaries, that’s up to him, it’s not something Dean can change in Sam with a few pokes and prods and guilt. 


no but the boys need Jody. they need her so badly and they don’t even know. ever since Bobby died they’ve been on their own and i just feel like they need someone close to them to offer an outsiders perspective. they were responsible for Kevin so he couldn’t help as much as they needed, and Cas has his own problems that would cloud his judgement. Crowley’s out of the question merely because they literally want him dead. John, Bobby, Ellen, Jody, all these people have filled this role for the Winchesters at one point or another, but now Jody’s the only one left who can do it. and she’s really good at it too, able to offer the advice they need coming from a place of love. i can only hope they continue with that relationship

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holy shit

Seriously gross, right? Ants and mosquitoes in my house today. yuck. And least the swarms of flying termites are gone. I thought the gekkos were supposed to eat these things.

Nothing says, “hey, remember, this used to all be swamp” more that the bug infestations. Unless it’s the cobras.


Jody motherfucking Mills casually decapitating vamps in the background